Hi, I’m Julie!

I’m the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Impressa Solutions. But I’ve done automotive sales, tended bar, managed an apartment building, was a casino cocktail waitress, and even worked as a Hooters Girl–for more than six years!

And there was that stint where I lived overseas and found myself not only unemployed, but unemployable. That’s when I first started to become obsessed with the idea of portable careers and being a digital nomad.

Now when I’m not conceiving of killer content strategy for Impressa’s clients, I spend my time helping others to make self employment and greater independence a reality.

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My ticket to entrepreneurship

When I finally started freelancing, I made a game plan. My initial goal was pocket change, but I had my sights set on being completely self employed. And that worked a little too well!

Within four months of getting started as a freelancer, I was at it full time–no other job needed! Six months after that, I was so busy it was either bring some help on board or start turning down clients. This is how Impressa Solutions was born!