Owning freelancing job sites

5 Profitable Tips for Totally Owning Freelance Job Sites

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If you’ve paid attention to my site, and my “I Became My Own Boss” video, you know I’m a big proponent of freelance job sites. I talk about Upwork a lot because I’ve had a lot of success with it, so I use it almost exclusively, but there are plenty of others out there too. And regardless of what some folks say, there are ample profitable, worthwhile opportunities on these sites.  

careers you can do anywhere

What are Careers You can do Anywhere?

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I first became obsessed with the idea of careers you can do anywhere when flat broke and unable to land a job while essentially stuck in Italy. Then people were calling these “portable careers” (and now it’s known to many as being a “digital nomad“). But whatever you call being location independent while still making money, this lifestyle isn’t a unicorn. It does exist, and this can be your reality too.