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Digital Nomad Diary: Here We Go!

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We finally did it. We made the plunge. We went full nomad.

I already was a digital nomad. But this was a leap… out of our house and into our car.

Day 0: February 28, 2017

I was dirty, sweaty, had a few not-yet-scabbed over cuts on my arm and hand, and we were in a hurry. We had to be out of the house we’d called home for the past several years, in less than two hours. And despite our best planning, we still had a lot of stuff! We had started out purging our junk over a month out, but we were still running around trying to get things sorted.

I was panicked and dirty, and I was hauling the last box of trash to the curb when the landlord showed up to do a walk through and collect the keys. My boyfriend had to grab the final boxes out of the garage while I guided her toward the bedroom instead. And then minutes later, that was it.

As we watched her drive off, we were still in the driveway, somehow even dirtier, staring at the home that was no longer ours. And that was it.

Day 1: March 1, 2017

We didn’t get far for a few days. After a few showers and one slightly sentimental moment, we started getting our final ducks in a row. It seemed like a loose end was waiting for us around every corner.

Finally, on March 3rd, there was a final run to the storage locker, a final set of “goodbyes,” and we packed up the car and hit the road to Austin, TX. We hauled ass across the American Southwest to arrive ahead of the start of SXSW. Yes, that’s why we picked this as our first stop.

And that’s really it. That’s all I have right now. Just an announcement that we finally are doing it. Now let’s see how it goes.


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