freelance writing jobs for beginners

How to Land Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

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When many think of freelancers, they picture writers. This makes sense, as a very large amount of freelancers are writers, and lots of folks want to break into freelancing through writing. But how hard is it to find and land freelancing writing jobs for beginners? 

It’s pretty dang easy actually!

I don’t know about other sites, but with Upwork, about 25% of the positions posted are “entry level” roles that should be suited to a beginner coming with some writing chops. And depending on how good those writing chops actually are, many of the “intermediate” gigs may be a good fit too. This is great news!

However, sorting out which gigs are good freelance writing jobs for beginners (like you!) can be tough. And then landing the gig is a different story altogether. So how do you land freelancing gigs as a beginner?

Read job postings closely

When you are evaluating a listed gig, there are a few things you should look for before you apply.

The first is what kind of writing is needed. Technical writing, blogging, creating web content, and direct response copywriting are a few examples of some very different types of writing that potential clients may be seeking. Be sure that what they are looking for lines up with what you think you can do, otherwise you may be setting yourself up for failure.

The next is to look at the requirements. As you are getting started, you may not yet be the “whole package” when it comes to the writing styles of your choice, so you may not be a suitable candidate given everything the client needs. Can you do the things they’ve listed there in a satisfactory manner? If you can’t, you now have a good idea of the things you should be learning to make yourself a more competitive freelancer.

As an aside, there are many potential employers who post freelance writing jobs for beginners on various web platforms who are actually looking for experts. They need high level help, but they only want to pay entry level prices. You’ll get to know these when you see them.

freelance writing jobs for beginners

Expect low rates

Beginning freelancers are entering the market, and as such, they are generally paid entry-level prices. One of my secrets to success on freelancing sites is to go with this and leverage the low prices for good reviews. However, these can sometimes be shockingly low rates, and the bad news is that you have to work for them if you want in.

If you are a freelancer utilizing a freelancing platform, you are competing in a global marketplace. This means that there are folks on these sites who are used to earning lower wages and don’t need to make as much money to maintain their standard of living. And they are competing for the same jobs as you, especially when it comes to entry level gigs.

The bad news: you will have to compete with them to get established on these sites. The good news: you won’t have to once the reviews start rolling in and you up your game.

Get some experience

Here’s the rub: to snag freelance writing jobs for beginners, you need to have some experience. Now, you shouldn’t need a lot, but you should have experience doing the kind of writing you’re applying to do.

If you haven’t done this sort of work for in the past, or just don’t have access to sharable versions it, you will have to make some experience. And I don’t mean make it up.

Take some time to build your own blog and use it as an online portfolio. Write your own web copy, craft blog posts in different styles on a variety of topics, and publish other types of content as you whip it up. Share these pieces as work samples to show potential employers that you do have what it takes for their freelance gig, despite being a beginner.

freelance writing jobs for beginners

Apply for freelance writing jobs for beginners

If the freelance life is the one you want, then start putting out applications! There are a lot of freelance writing jobs available for folks who are just getting started, so get out there. You don’t have a chance of landing a single one of these if don’t apply. And even if you are completely green, you never know who will hire you!

And remember, everyone had to start somewhere. Each and every freelance writer enjoying any type of success had to start somewhere!


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