careers you can do anywhere

What are Careers You can do Anywhere?

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I first became obsessed with the idea of careers you can do anywhere when flat broke and unable to land a job while essentially stuck in Italy. Then people were calling these “portable careers” (and now it’s known to many as being a “digital nomad“). But whatever you call being location independent while still making money, this lifestyle isn’t a unicorn. It does exist, and this can be your reality too. 

how to be a freelance writer

How to be a Freelance Writer: My Top 5 Tips

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From talking to aspiring freelance writers, lurking around Reddit, and thinking back to the days when I was just getting started as a freelancer, I realize breaking into the game as a wordsmith isn’t easy. When it comes down to how to be a freelance writer, most people starting out struggle to get clients who will even pay a fraction of a livable wage… if they can find a client at all. And this is a problem.