Step-by-step lessons
to get you started as a freelancer
and successfully grow
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“If only someone could show me how…”

That is what I hear from people time and time again when they find out I can work when, where, and how I want to.

“I wish I could do what you do,” they say. “If only someone could show me how.”

So, guess what?! I’m here to show you how to be a successful online freelancer in my new course.

We’ll work together to pick your niche, set up a killer profile, and even help you land your first gigs! Then, learn my system for building skills, gaining experience, growing your reputation, and raising your rates.

I’ve taught this system at conferences, universities, and in one-on-one coaching sessions, but this is the first time it’s available to the masses. And by “masses,” I mean only the first 50 people.

Upcoming Course Info

The next session features:

  • Classes June 12th through 16th
  • Live one-hour sessions daily at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific
  • Access to recorded lessons for all students
  • Money back if you’re not satisfied

Learn my secrets to freelancing success!

  • Connector.

    Before you get started

    From choosing a niche to polishing up your skills to creating a portfolio, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success.

  • Connector.

    Profile building

    You want to start strong, so we’ll develop an optimized Upwork profile together.

  • Connector.

    Growth strategy

    You get to go in-depth on how to expand your skills, deepen your expertise, cultivate a positive reputation, and raise your rates.

  • Connector.

    Advanced tips and tricks

    As a Top Rated Freelancer and a client, I have lots of inside info to share so you can avoid my mistakes.

Join Me!

I want you to be one of the 50 inspired entrepreneurial folks to learn how to get started freelancing online the RIGHT way and find out how to grow and achieve rockstar success.

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If you pre-register for the course TODAY, it's only $29. With this limited time offer, this course is almost 70% off!

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I want to learn… and save 70%!

With daily live sessions across one week, access to recorded lessons, Q&A time with me, worksheets, guides, and more… this course is a steal at $99.

But if you pre-register today, it’s only $29!

Save over 70% off the regular price with this limited time offer that can end at any time. And don’t worry, if you can’t attend, decide you don’t want to be your own boss, or change your mind for whatever reason, you can drop us a line and receive a full refund.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, what are you waiting for?!


Classes are June 12th through 16th daily at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific.