Your opportunities for self empowerment through self employment are bountiful. And being your own boss is something that just about anyone can do!

I experienced explosive success as freelancer and entrepreneur with the systems and strategies I’ve developed, and these can work for you too. While results will vary, my experience has created a road map to help you get started and get growing.

I want to know how!


Despite ample jobs to go around, getting started as a freelancer is tough. Most people don’t know how to get started, where to find quality gigs, or how to set themselves up for success by crafting a portfolio, establishing a good reputation, and building a client base.

This was the case for me, but once I had my lightbulb moment, I whipped up a system and developed strategies that turned me into a busy freelancer overnight. And my game plan could work for you too!


When many think of becoming a freelancer, it’s common to think of freelance writers and photographers. But there are people freelancing and being independent contractors in just about every role you can imagine!

If you don’t know what you’d do as your own boss, know that many skills and talents you already have can translate to a freelancing career or building your own business. And if you are willing to learn, the possibilities grow exponentially.

I’m ready to explore my options!