how to be a freelance writer

How to be a Freelance Writer: My Top 5 Tips

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From talking to aspiring freelance writers, lurking around Reddit, and thinking back to the days when I was just getting started as a freelancer, I realize breaking into the game as a wordsmith isn’t easy. When it comes down to how to be a freelance writer, most people starting out struggle to get clients who will even pay a fraction of a livable wage… if they can find a client at all. And this is a problem.

freelancing sites and financial freedom

Are Freelancing Sites Your Ticket to Financial Freedom?

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For those looking for a path to self employment, entrepreneurship, and financial freedom, freelancing sites are very appealing. There are a wide array of opportunities on these platforms, so there is something for just about anyone. Seriously! You can often find gigs that are appropriate for all levels of skill and experience. Plus, there are plenty of people ready to hire those who have never freelanced before. It’s the easiest way to find gigs and launch your freelancing career. Sounds great, right?